I'm Kit. A sailor turned designer.

Always stay on top of the latest trend and multimedia technology. Having an eye for good design and a sense of style, enabled me to balance between visual appeal and usability. Exposed to diverse cultures and industries. Ready to take on a bigger creative leading role.

My experience has enabled me to provide design consultancy and solution. You could browse my WORKS and download my RESUME.

Taking the minimal design approach. Creating uncluttered and intuiative user interface.

Visually appealing interface contributes to the user experience, but many considerations and plannings have to be done before the development of the product.

Wireframes and mockups, user-flow and prototyping, are essential part of the product cycle.

Knowledge of the product development cycle and project management methodology allows me to work effectively with a diverse team. Provides me with the insights from multiple aspects.

Visualise and conceptualise a product. Materialise and present it to stakeholders.

Feel free to CONTACT me. Remember to check out my WORKS and RESUME too.